Create Your Personal Style With Designer Frames

At Alamance Eye Center we offer a variety of designer frames. Despite the popularity of contact lenses and laser surgery to correct vision problems, many people to find eyeglasses necessary or desirable for their personal preference. The improved technology in manufacturing frames have made them more enjoyable to wear. Eyeglasses create a popular method of stating one’s personal style.

We carry a wide variety of frames to choose from

Listed below are links to frames manufacturers along with the brands that we offer from each. Please feel free to visit these sites and check out the latest trends on eyewear.

www.safilo.com Frames available from Safilo: Gucci, Valentino, Armani Exchange, Claiborne, Chesterfield, Elasta, Carerra, Adensco, Ninewest, Saks, Emozioni, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Fossil, & Lastrada.

www.marchon.com Frames available from Marchon: Tres Jolie, Autoflex, Accuflex, Nautica, Nike, Michael Kors, & Coach.

www.silhouette.com Frames available from Silhouette: Minimal Art, Enviso, Titan Gen. III, Titan Translucent, SPX Motion, Titan X, Space, Titan Edge, & Colorama (all rimless).

www.vivagroup.com Frames available from Viva: Candies, Savvy, & Tommy Hilfiger.

www.kenmarkoptical.com Frames available from Kenmark: Hush Puppies, & Cynthia Rowley.

www.newyorkeye.net Frames available from New York Eye: Joan Collins, Valerie Spencer, Woolrich, Marc Hunter, Taka, Urban Edge, Coleman, Pepsi, & Reality.