photo_contacts1Is It Time For Contact Lenses?

Whether you wear contact lenses to improve your looks, enhance your athletic abilities, or require specialty contact lenses for medical eye conditions, the Optometrists at Alamance Eye Center can help you. Doctors Romine, Donnelly, Hatch and Devetski each have extensive experience in fitting all types of lenses for correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism as well as keratoconus, cornea transplants, and presbyopia.

photo_contacts2Today there are more contact lens options available than ever before

Contact lenses can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring full commitment from the doctor and the patient for success. In certain circumstances, contact lenses are the only treatment option which can provide normal vision.
If you currently wear or are interested in them, please inform the staff upon making an appointment. Extra time is needed to perform additional testing procedures to ensure a proper fit. Access to information regarding previous lenses or bringing packaging from present lenses is helpful in the fitting regimen and saves time during the exam. Before seeing the doctor, our staff will inquire about preferences regarding contact lenses such as interest in overnight wear, daily disposables, or eye color change.

If you have not previously worn contacts , the evaluation and fitting will typically require two-three office visits to insure proper fit. Once and established wearer, our policy is to require a yearly contact lens evaluation to monitor the health of your eyes and update your prescription. Contact lens evaluations require additional fees over the routine eye exam fee structure. Payment is required at the time of visit except when insurance coverage is available.